12 de dezembro de 2010

Marcha da Maconha 2010

Os acontecimentos recentes no Rio de Janeiro foram o impulso pra eu finalmente editar as imagens captadas na Marcha da Maconha, realizada em Maio.

marcha da maconha 2010 from rafamrocha on Vimeo.

Achei interessante ver as discussões acaloradas e  trocas de acusações entre usuários e não usuários sobre a parcela de culpa dos "maconheiros" nessa bandalha toda. Interessante porque, no final das contas, estavam todos falando a mesma coisa: a política de drogas no Brasil precisa ser urgentemente revisada, principalmente no caso da maconha, uma planta que poderia perfeitamente ser cultivada em casa por aqueles que desejam consumi-la tornando-se assim isenta de qualquer ligação com o crime organizado.

Mas opiniões virtuais e debates facebookianos não são o suficiente para mudar nada. É muito comodo criticar sem se envolver, como também é muito comodo fumar (e comprar) seu baseado e fingir que não sabe de onde aquilo está vindo. As pessoas precisam se dar ao trabalho de demonstrar a insatisfação com a situação vigente e se unir para cobrar uma solução e repensar o problema.

Antes que me critiquem, não estou dizendo que marchar na praia é o remédio para todos os males, mas com certeza é um começo...

8 de dezembro de 2010

Rafa in Wonderland

Aquele que não possui iphone ou blackberry tem que inventar outras maneiras de se entreter enquanto espera pelo ônibus...
He who does not own an iphone or blackberry has to come up with other forms of entertainment while waiting for the bus...

Rafa in Wonderland from rafamrocha on Vimeo.

5 de dezembro de 2010

more future shorts!!

Depois da ótima surpresa que foi a edição de Novembro do Future Shorts, eu não podia perder a última mostra do ano.  Mais uma vez, valeu a ida (mas bem que podiam ter escolhido um lugar melhor - Battersea é longe pra cacete!)
After being very pleasantly surprised on the November edition, I had to check out the last Future Shorts screening of the year. Once again, well worth the trip (although they could've picked a better location - Battersea is fucking far!!!)

Abaixo, os selecionados. Infelizmente, ficaram faltando 2 curtas que não estão disponíveis na web: Voyage D'Affaires e Stig (um dos melhores da seleção)
Below, most of the films presented last night. Unfortunately I'm missing two that aren't available online: Voyage D'Affaires and Stig (one of my favorites)

Open Your Heart (UK, 2010)
dir: Michel Gondry

The Girl with the Yellow Stockings (Germany, 2008)
dir: Grzegorz Muskala

The Lost Tribes of New York City (USA, 2009)
dir: Carolyn & Andy London

Miracle Fish (Australia, 2009)
dir: Luke Doolan

Swim (Denmark, 2009)
dir: Adam Hashemi

Paradise Circus (UK, 2009)
dir: Toby Dye
*This was hard to find - apparently the Massive Attack video is censored almost everywhere!

Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (Uncensored)

I'll Wait for the Next One (France, 2003)
dir: Philippe Orreindy

This Too Shall Pass (UK, 2010)
dir: James Frost, OK Go & Syyn Labs

25 de novembro de 2010

so much to do, so little time...

To put an end to the complaints about me posting stuff after it happens, here's a list of my choices for the next month. See you there ;)

25/11 - Metropolis @ the BFI
A rare chance to see Fritz Lang's pioneer sci-fi masterpiece on the big screen - reconstructed and restored! (that's the day i'm going, but they have other dates)
infos and tickets here

02/12 (or 03/12 if I can't find tickets...) - Vampire Weekend + Janelle Monae + Ratatat
infos and tickets here

03/12 - Anton Corbjin @ the National Portrait Gallery
"Renowned photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn discusses his career and approach to photography and modern portraiture with writer and broadcaster Paul Morley. He will also take a behind the scenes look at his recent work The American and Tom Waits"
infos and tickets here

04/12 - Future Shorts One @ secret location
"Bringing the best shorts of 2010 to thousands around the world in live simultaneous events". ( I went to the last one and saw some great films!)
infos here
tickets here

07/12 - Dirty Projectors @ Koko
infos and tickets here

09/12 - Marc Quinn @ the National Portrait Gallery
infos here

10/12 - Late Shift EXTRA - Noise of Art @ National Portrait Gallery
infos here

and, since London's all about planning ahead, some stuff for 2011 already confirmed

31/04/2011 - Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou @ Scala
infos and tickets here

19/05/2011 - Explosions in the Sky @ Roundhouse
tickets + info here

23/07/2011 - Portishead
infos + tickets here

24 de novembro de 2010

the colour of nonsense

Few feelings are better than that of having no expectations about something and being absolutely blown away by it. Seeing Forbeard Fantasy's latest show felt just like that.

A combination of live acting, animation, film and projection, The Colour of Nonsense is a hilarious and extremely creative multi-media theatre experience that no one who's the least bit interested in any sort of storytelling process should miss. (apparently, The Guardian thinks so too)

The plot revolves around so called conceptual artist Splash and his struggle to put together an ambitious exhibition called Nonsense. Along with his two loyal sidekicks, Line and Scuro, Splash does everything he can to try and maintain his "cutting edge" status without having to actually produce any work. Sound pretty normal so far? Ok, then add to that a talking parrot, a pet fly, the north pole, a jelly-fish eating society, Edward Lear's "Dong"and tulip mania, and you might start to change your mind.

Adding to the fantastic acting (think cartoonish expressions and body language, Dr Seuss-like rhymes and dead on comic timing), a series of creative multi-media additions leaves the audience in awe throughout the whole 80 minutes. One can't help but be amazed by the extremely simple and clever use of animation, film and projection as supports to the live act. 

Apart from playing their respective roles, the three actors also control all the videos and projections and sounds in the play (plus they make their own sound effects at times). Cherry on top: the score includes artists such as Bernard Hermann and Frank Zappa. 

The stage design is done in a way that makes the most out of the not so big theatre. Hidden pull out screens extend the scenery in such an interesting and effective way that we are able to forget the fact that the whole thing takes place in just one room. The projectors are very well hidden by stage props making it easy to completely ignore them and indulge in the fantasy.

I haven't been able to see many plays since I got to London, but if the few ones I do see give me the same joy as this one did, I'll gladly make quality over quantity a rule.

21 de novembro de 2010

take a view: landscape photographer of the year

A exposição Take a View: Landscape Photographer of the Year é uma boa maneira de dar uma passeada pra quem, como eu, está preso em Londres e ainda não conseguiu tempo para explorar as belezas naturais do Reino Unido.
For those like myself, who are trapped in London and still didn't have an opportunity to explore the UK's natural beauty, the Take a View: Landscape Photographer of the Year exhibition is a good alternative to sightseeing.

Dudley Williams - Sand Patterns, Isle of Eigg, Scotland (Escócia)

Marcus McAdam - Ice Steps, Sligachan, Isle of Skye, Scotland (Escócia)

Simon Park - Trees and wind, Isle of Man (Ilha de Man)

Alternando entre costas selvagens, campos bucólico e urbanidades, as fotografias dão uma idéia da diversidade de belezas que podem ser encontradas por aqui.
Wild coasts, bucolic countryside and urbanities - the pictures on display manage to give an idea of the different types of beauty one can find in the UK.

Andrew Whitaker – The Newcastle and Gateshead Quayside at dusk, Tyne & Wear, England

Taliesin Coombes - Travelling, Machynlleth, Wales (País de Gales)

Alixanne Hucker - Mersea horizon, Essex, England 

A exposição está em cartaz no National Theatre até 15 de Dezembro. Boa viagem ;)
The exhibition is on at the National Theatre until December 15th. Enjoy the ride ;)

Peter Martin - Sandymouth, North Cornwall, England (Cornualha)

Antony Spencer - Winter mist at Corfe Castle, Dorset, England

Taliesin Coombes – Breakfast view, Cardiff, Wales (País de Gales)

Jonathan Lucas - 'Midnight Goblin' - it's amazing what you find in London's backstreets...

Marshall Pinsent - Fairytale at Fairfield, Romney Marsh, Kent, England

19 de novembro de 2010

projeto stills/stills project #2 - delicatessen (jeunet & caro)

depois de um loooongo break, voltei com meu hobby de colecionar stills de filmes que me inspiram. pra retomar, um pouco de humor negro francês. enjoy!
after a loooong break, I decided to get back to my hobby of collecting stills from movies that inspire me. to get things going again, a bit of french dark comedy. enjoy!

Delicatessen (1991)
diretores / directors: Marc Caro & Jean-Pierre Jeunet
fotografia / cinematography: Darius Khondji
sinopse aqui / sinopsis here