8 de novembro de 2011

Turn on, tune in, drop out

Earlier this year I attended an event called 'Consciousness and the Biosphere'. The colloquium was chaired by Dr David Luke and speakers were cosmologist Bernard Carr, Biosphere 2 creator John Allen, consciousness research pioneer Ralph Metzner (he was one of Tim Leary's Harvard colleagues and partner in the exploration of psychedelics) and Beckley Foundation founder and directorAmanda Feilding. Now that some of the content is out, I have the pleasure of sharing a bit of that wonderful experience with you (so far, only the video of Metzner's talk has been released. I'll update the post when more are out).

During a whole afternoon the guest speakers presented interesting facts and enlighting discussions on topics such as the origins and evolution of consciousness, mind altering substances, sustainability, environmental issues, spirituality, drug-policy reform and art. A summary of the lectures is available here.

The video can't be embedded so CLICK HERE to watch Metzner's talk

Our lovely hosts the October Gallery also presented us with a delicious dinner in the patio (a networking / socializing moment that resulted in my participation in the 'I am Braziliality' exhibition later on) and a closing party that included poetry, live music, dancing and drinks. The gallery has a liking for events of that nature, so if you're interested in themes such as consciousness expansion and ethnic art, keep an eye out for further talks and exhibitions ;)

I've attended several conferences and symposia before and after that, but for it's laid back vibe, interesting and interactive crowd, approachable speakers, cozy scenery, rich content and immersive experience, this is still the one I hold closest to my heart. May others like that follow...

* Como o conteúdo relacionado ao post é todo escrito e falado em inglês, dessa vez não vai rolar tradução

7 de novembro de 2011

Visible Cities // Cidades Visíveis

You know when you're reading a sci-fi story and trying to imagine what that futuristic or post apocalyptic city might look like? Well, Atelier Olschinsky pretty much nailed it! Based in Vienna, the self entitled creative studio combines fine art and architecture to create these stunning digital illustrations. The last series in the bunch pays homage to notorious fictional cities.
Sabe quanto você está lendo uma história de ficção científica e fica tentando imaginar o visual daquela cidade futurística ou pós apocalíptica? Então, o Atelier Olschinsky conseguiu botar a idéia no papel e acertou na mosca! Com sede em Vienna, o auto-entitulado 'estudio criativo' combina técnicas de arte e arquitetura para criar essas ilustrações digitais lindas de morrer. A última série do grupo presta homenagem a notórias cidades fictícias.

via Lauren Franklin