15 de fevereiro de 2011


 "...full of sound and fury, signifying nothing"

Macbeth's definition of life might not have been exactly scientific, but looking at it from the cymatics perpective, it sure is accurate. By definition, cymatics is the study of visual sound and vibrations.

For centuries scientists have been dedicating their lives to understanding the effect sound has over matter and, as a side effect, producing some of the most impressive and beautiful results ever seen.

 "Chladni figures": sand on vibrating thin metal plates 

In the TED video below, creative technologist Evan Grant gives a brief introduction to the history of cymatics and its research and applications in different areas.

Its no wonder cymatics continues to inspire so many artists, proving that science and art go very well together.

white-beaked dolphin

 false killer whale

white-beaked dolphin

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